We are Vardhita healthcare Pvt. Ltd. came with a revolutionary step in healthcare industry with very innovative and useful products. We are based in Lucknow and started our operation since July 2017 and we have a team of young, energetic and enthusiastic people who keep on working towards innovative and unique health related product and solutions. As we all know that health is the main concern now a days because lots of pollution and climate change making us worried about our health. As we all aware that the fruits and vegetable are part of our daily life and it’s a necessity of human life, but with use of lots of toxic pesticides and other chemicals to produce and maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetable are making them polluted, unhygienic and harmful for our body and health. That’s why we as Vardhita Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Launched an unique product Fruggiecare which is secure and safe to make it hygienic and eatable.
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