Vegetable fruit wash liquid
Fruggiecare is an approved and certified organic fruits and vegetable wash liquid which removes toxic pesticide residues, dirt, bacteria, wax  and disease causing microbes from fruits and vegetable and make it healthy and eatable. Fruggiecare is a revolutionary step to clean your fruits and vegetable and keep you healthy. Fruggiecare is the best solution for washing organic fruits and vegetable because: -
 Eco friendly product, Easy to use, Economic, Safe and secure with no side effects or harmful chemicals on fruits and vegetable.

Other Solutions Available To Clean Etables

Vegetable fruit wash liquid

Kent vegetable washing cleaner

First of all its costly Price around INR 7000/- Then we need to change the Filter of the machine on a Regular interval, which will cost You More.

Boiled water

Boiled water will kill the bacteria And some part of dirt will be cleaned Out but pesticide will remain the same.

Best option Fruggiecare organic vegetable fruit washing liquid solution 

Why Fruggiecare Is The Best Option ?

Economica bottle of 100 ml is enough for full month for a family of 5 people, which will cost you only INR 180/-
Eco-friendly(certified) and easy to use
Removes and decompose toxic pesticide residues, bacteria and all other disease causing microbes.
It effectively removes 99% bacteria from the surface of fruits and vegetable.
All nutrient stabilize, hence no nutrient leaching out will be occurred.
No harmful chemicals or any bad effects.
It also helps clean antibiotics and the remaining hormones in meat, fish & other sea foods.

Fruit vegetable wash liquid
Fruit vegetable wash liquid

How It Works ?

Fruggiecare Demo



Step 1
Add 5 – 6 ml of Fruggiecare in 1 – 1.5 liters of Normal water.
Step 2 Simply put the fruits and vegetable in it and leave it for 5 to 10 min.
Step 3 now Remove and wash it with clean tap water.

Now your fruits and vegetable are safe and hygienic.

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