Welcome to Vardhita Health Care Pvt Ltd

We are Vardhita healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Incorporated since July 2017 under the companies act 2013 (Gov. of India). We came with a revolutionary step in the industry of Healthcare, Hygiene and Cleanliness with very innovative and useful products. We are committed to provide the quality products to the consumers with intense care of nature and environment. We as a team of young, energetic and enthusiastic people, keep on working towards innovative and unique health related products and solutions to fulfill the consumers need and satisfaction. As we all know that, health is the major concern now a days because of lots of pollution and climate change making us worried about our health. As we all aware that our eatables like Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Fish and other sea foods are part of our daily life and it’s a necessity of human life, but now a days with use of lots of toxic pesticides, chemicals, unhygienic handling and production of fruits and vegetables are making them polluted, unhygienic and harmful for our body and health. In the same way our non vegetarian food products are also being produced and handled in very unhygienic and insanitary way. That’s why we, as Vardhita Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Launched an unique and innovative products- ‘Fruggiecare’ And ‘Meatocare’ which is safe and secure to make your eatables clean, healthy and hygienic for consumption. We are Looking forward for a long journey to go ahead….

Why Us?

  • Economic : a bottle of 100 ml is enough for full month for a family of 5 people.
  • Eco-friendly(certified) and easy to use
  • It effectively removes 99% bacteria from the surface of fruits and vegetable
  • All nutrient stabilize, hence no nutrient leaching out will be occurred
  • No harmful chemicals or any bad effects

It Also Helps Clean Antibiotics And The Remaining Hormones In Meat, Fish & Other Sea Foods.

Thank You!

Please feel free to contact us for any further quaries and clarifications. Your suggestions and feedbacks are always welcome. Looking forward for your response and hope to have a healthy and authentic business with you.