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Rs. 199
Fruggiecare Organic 500 ML
  • Removes toxic pesticide residues, chemicals and wax.
  • Shelf life of fruits and vegetables inreases dramatically.
  • Eco-Friendly, easy to use and Economic.
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Rs. 149
Fruggiecare Organic 200 ML
  • Washes away soil, dust and disease xausing germs from fruits and vegetables.
  • Every corner of food is to be effectively serviced.
  • Make your food hygenic and healthy.
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Rs. 99
Fruggiecare Organic 100 ML
  • A novel innovative formulation to bring down bacteria and germs.
  • All ingredient are 100% organic, no harmful products are added.
  • Disinfect disease causing germs.
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Rs. 249
Fruggiecare Premium 500 ML
  • It helps in removing and decomposing pesticide, residues, chemicals and wax.
  • All nutrient stablize, hence no nutrient leaching out will be occured.
  • Washes away soil and dirt.
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Rs. 199
Fruggiecare Premium 200 ML
  • The formulation used are internationally approved .
  • All ingredients are completelt safe and secure with no side effects.
  • Economic and Easy to use.
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Rs. 149
Fruggiecare Premium 100 ML
  • To bring down toxic pesticide residue level from consumables.
  • To disinfect your eatables with approves and certified solutions.
  • Soak fruit and vegetablein solution.
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Rs. 210
Meat-O-Care 500 ML
  • To clean up meat, either freashly slaughtered or stored.
  • Simple washing may not remove all the clean all the mess.
  • Most innovative method to clean non-veg.
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Rs. 160
Meat-O-Care 200 ML
  • Disinfect and removes infectious germs, bacteria and viruses from meat.
  • Washes away blood stains, dust, disease causing microbes.
  • Eco-friendly, easy and economic.
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Rs. 129
Meat-O-Care 100 ML
  • No harmful chemicals, preservatives and colours are added.
  • All ingredients are food grade and derieved from natural substance.
  • Clean your non- veg food with.
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