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Fruggiecare Organic 500 ML

With immense pleasure we would like to introduce Fruggiecare Organic as a novel formulation to bring down pesticide residue.

Fruggiecare Organic 200 ML

This is to keep your fruits and vegetables safe and disinfect from germs and bacteria to make it healthy, hygenic and eatable to keep you healthy and fit.

Fruggiecare Organic 100 ML

It washes away soil, dirt and disease causing microbes from your fruits and vegetables. It is eco-friendly, eay to use and economic.

Fruggiecare Premium 500 ML

It helps in removing and decomposing the toxiv pesticide, residues, chemicals and wax.

Fruggiecare Premium 200 ML

All nutrient stablize, hence no nutrient leaching out will be occured and flavour and arome used to be intact.

Fruggiecare Premium 100 ML

All ingridient are 100% organic, no harmful chemicals, preservatives, no added colours. Completely safe and secure.

Meat-O-Care 500 ML

Meat-0-Care is available to clean up the meat, either freshly slaughtered or stored, has to undergone cleaning peocess to be safe.

Meat-O-Care 200 ML

Simple cleaning may not clean mess, hence we brought the most innovating way to keep your meat safe and hygenic for longer time.

Meat-O-Care 100 ML

It helps in removing away blood stains, dirt, dust and disease causing microbes from meat, fist and other non-veg food.

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